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Inspirational Coaching

Feeling stuck?  Stunted?  Sick of settling for status quo?  Shift energy to awaken your soul, realign your body and mind to your truth, and live your best life.  We are here to challenge current beliefs, craft energizing mindsets, and celebrate your brilliance!

Bring to Love - As within, So without.  Our outside worlds are often mirrored reflections of our inside worlds.  And sometimes, life just sucks, and sucks the life out of us.  Be renewed from the inside out with the unconditional support of a coach who has done her inner work, reinvented herself again and again, and continues the personal growth journey alongside you and many others.



Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) for Organizations

Based on The Sanctuary Model®* Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) considers with understanding the permeating effects of trauma and supports healing and recovery in a variety of environments, creating psychological safe spaces, work- places and professional practices in order to avoid inadvertent re-traumatization.  TIC implementation helps shift organizational culture from a punishing, productivity-pushing paradigm to one that emphasizes respect and appropriate responses at all levels.

Bring to Liberty - Set your organizations leaders, teams, and staff free to serve the mission, uphold values, and improve outcomes.

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Passion Projects

We have the knowledge, experience, connections, and motivation to offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs. We know Resistance, with the capital "R" and we can help you overcome, to see your project to its magnificent completion, marketable competition, and meaningful compilation.

Bring to Life - Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life?  Need moral or tech support?  Idea generation?  Networking advice?  Time or organizational management skills?  Yes, Yes, Yes.

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