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EST. 2021

Lisa created a guest oriented LATalk radio and YouTube show featuring shameless storytelling. She continues her imperfect pairing of wine and whine with a blog based on her life's experiences, social work expertise, and deep desire to press out the best W(h)ine from the Vine. Lisa continues W(h)ine-ing via her Substack blog. W(h)ine along by clicking the link below.


The Mountain Ladybug, Children's Book


Authored by Lisa Maaca Bartlette and illustrated by Lori Stringer, The Mountain Ladybug tells the story of Lambee and Ladybug, two misguided creatures who encounter each other on a mountainside. What happens, when for the first time in her little life, Lambee feels her feelings and finds emotional safety in the face of loss? This first in a series teaches two levels of validation: being present and accurate reflection, to help us help others feel seen.

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